[Call for papers] International Conference on “Rethinking international trade in response to emerging challenges”


The 13th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization held in Abu Dhabi failed to achieve the expected results, once again highlighting the challenges that the multilateral trading system faces. In this context, many countries and separate customs territories have innovated by negotiating and implementing new-generation free trade agreements. These agreements not only contain broad commitments across multiple areas, especially sustainable development, environment, labor, human rights, and technology but also aim to establish more flexible legal frameworks to address pressing contemporary issues. However, compliance with these regulations may pose significant difficulties and challenges for the parties involved. Additionally, external shocks are increasingly impacting the economy of countries, driving new shifts and restructuring international trade flows through reshaping global production and supply chains.

With the aim of having a more comprehensive assessment of the methods and manners used in international trade to overcome new challenges, the WTO Chair Program – Foreign Trade University organizes an international conference with theme: “Rethinking international trade in response to emerging challenges“. This international conference serves as a forum for experts for experts, guests, especially young researchers, to exchange and discuss topics related to these issues.

The conference is scheduled to be held in person and online on October 04, 2024 at Foreign Trade University, Hanoi. The Organizing Committee respectfully invites you to participate in the Conference by sending abstracts (in Vietnamese or English) to the Organizing Committee before June 30, 2024 at the following address:curriculum.wcp@ftu.edu.vn .

Sincerely thank you for your cooperation !

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