The meeting to implement the activity plan for 2024 of the WCP Sectoral Research Group within the WTO Chair Program at the Foreign Trade University


On 15 March 2024, within the framework of the WTO Chair Program at the Foreign Trade University, the WCP Sectoral Research Group held a meeting to outline its activity plan for the year of 2024.

Established with a primary goal of advising and bolstering businesses engaged in international trade, particularly in light of Vietnam’s fulfillment of commitments within the WTO and new-generation FTAs, the WCP Sectoral Research Group brought together project management executives and key members of the project. Notable attendees included Associate Professor. Dr. Trinh Thi Thu Hương –Chairholder; Dr. Vu Kim Ngan – Co-Chairholder; Dr. Hoang Ngoc Thuan – Deputy Director of the Program; Associate Professor. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha – Head of Curriculum Pillar ; Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Binh – Head of Outreach Pillar; Dr. Nguyen Cam Anh – Head of Research Pillar, along with lecturers are key members of the project team.

During the session, members resolved to focus on the aluminum, steel, agricultural, and textile industries, aiming to analyze the challenges facing businesses within these sectors. Based on that, the group delineated plans to collaborate with respective industry associations, facilitating dialogues and collectively formulating recommendations to aidenterprises in navigating an multifaceted business environment. This compasses effective implementation of green and digital transformations.

In addition to these business advisory endeavours, the participation of international experts from the WTO is anticipated. These initiatives, characterized by their community-centric and entirely pro bono, underscore the WTO Chair Program’s commitment at the Foreign Trade University to support Vietnamese enterprises. Its overarching mission is to construct a extensive cooperation among the business community, industry associations, research organizations, and policy makers in the field of international trade, thereby  facilitating the successful realization of the program’ s common goals as “Strengthening cooperation among industry actors, academic organizations and government in the implementation of Vietnam’s commitments in the WTO and new FTAs generation”.