Workshop on the course outline discussion: The relationship between a number of non-commercial issues and international trade


The WTO Chairs Phase III program at the Foreign Trade University successfully organized Workshop on the course outline discussion “The relationship between some non-trade issues and international trade” on October 30th 2023.

The discussion took place under the chairmanship of Associate Professor, PhD. Trinh Thi Thu Huong – Director of the WTO Chairs program, along with the participation of teachers who are members of the subcommittees. At the seminar, the experts and lecturers gave necessary and important contributions on the content of the syllabus, the form of assessment and assigning the lecturers in charge of teaching the subject: “The relationship between a number of non-trade issues with international trade”.

Through the discussion, the WTO Chairs Phase III Program promises to successfully build a subject of practical significance for the University’s advanced and high-quality international economics training program.