Survey activities within the framework of WTO Chairs Program at Foreign Trade University in June 2022


According to the 2022 work plan, the Research Pillar and the Curriculum Pillar of the WTO Chairs Program Phase III at Foreign Trade University conducted two survey activities in June 2022 for State management agencies, associations, enterprises in some provinces: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, etc.

With the aim to collect information, practical needs of stakeholders (enterprises, associations, state management agencies …) on awareness, practical implementation and application, update information on commitments in the bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements that Vietnam participates in (FTA), especially commitments in the framework of new-generation free trade agreements, the project’s survey team collected Collecting information by means of questionnaires, interviews, in-depth interviews in 4 weeks.

The first survey, with the goal of collecting information on the perception, practice, and application of commitments in the agreements that Vietnam participates in, targets two groups of subjects: State Administration countries and Associations, Enterprises.

The questions posed to the subjects who are associations and enterprises of the survey including: basic information of businesses, self-assessment of the level of understanding and participation of enterprises in the survey. FTAs that Vietnam participates in, actual business activities with FTA partners that Vietnam participates in, consider factors affecting the use of preferential mechanisms from Vietnam’s FTAs, etc.

The questions posed to the subjects who are representatives of state management agencies including: questions about the formulation of policies and laws and the improvement of institutions to implement FTAs, the dissemination and propagation of FTAs. for businesses, supporting businesses to take advantage of FTAs, etc.

Survey team at Ho Chi Minh City Business Development and Support Center

The survey team set a target of surveying 280 enterprises and 20 state management agencies. However, after 4 weeks of actual implementation, the number of survey groups achieved was 450 surveys for enterprises and 30 surveys for state management agencies to gather and analyze into a preliminary report. have comprehensive research results to implement in-depth studies of the Project.

The second survey, with the objective of assessing the practical needs of local governments, policy makers, and business managers operating in the manufacturing and service sectors to design basic courses in and provide detailed information to these audiences about commitments in bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements that Vietnam participates in.

As the beneficiaries of direct benefits from training courses, over 50% of representatives of state management agencies and business managers in the surveyed provinces and cities have very high interest in training. 4 out of 6 expected topics that the short-term course in 2022 will organize.

Survey Team at Ho Chi Minh City Trade and Investment Promotion Center

The survey team successfully collected information from 448 enterprises and 20 state management agencies, and preliminary concluded with a report on short-term training needs in August 2022.
Below are some other typical images of face-to-face meetings with the subjects of two surveys conducted by the WTO Chairs Phase III Program at Foreign Trade University.